Lazy Sundays

Yes, for the past month being home, its beginning to feel like a Lazy Sunday, as I am usually working on the weekends, its taken  me all this time off during this situation with Covid-19 to let go and concentrate on trying to sell other ways. So far it’s been a productive time as I have been, Autumn cleaning at home, working on the Joloni website, updating and adding new season products, and learning how this all works, I think my website looks great with professional photos from my suppliers, thanks to you, it all looks great and I can be more creative now.  I have a long way to go, there is so much more to update on the website.  If anyone gives the time to read this it would be appreciated if you share, follow us and support small businesses as its going to be a tough long RIDE.  Enjoy your staying at home, keep in touch with your friends and family, go for walks in the park, around the neighbourhood, do some exercise at home like yoga, eat well and most of all stay well and safe.


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